About us

We are a local community oriented restoration company. Our owners are both military veterans. One in the Army and the other in the Marine Corp. They learned that working hard and helping others was their passion. They have stuck to those principles and continue as they help our communities when they have a disaster. Their teams all have strong military principles, which is what makes us your best option. We will quickly take care of you and your family as you go through these tough times. Trusting someone with your home is very important. We want you to feel comfortable choosing us to take care of your home and the delicate process. We are very open and honest people. Please if you ever have a question or an issue bring it to our attention and we will make sure it is corrected. Here are some of our team members. As we grow we continually take on new people. If you would like to join our exciting team, please fill out one of our forms and we will give you a call to talk. 

Adam Weaver Owner

My name is Adam Weaver, I am the owner of  Veterans Restoration. I have lived in the local area my entire life besides the years I was enlisted. I served in the United States Army where I was stationed in Korea, Texas, and Kuwait. I went to Williamsport High School, Hagerstown Community College, and Masters program with Frostburg University. I currently live in Washington County with my wife, 2 children, and our dog we adopted in Texas.

Veterans Restoration is an emergency restoration company specializing in Water damage cleanup, mold removal, fire damage cleanup, and trauma/biohazard cleaning. My goal is to take care of our communities during disaster and provide the best possible service to my customers. We operate 24/7 to arrive to any emergency. As a veteran I offer the upmost professionalism and expect the highest standard of detail. I am an open and honest person if you ever have any questions or concerns please reach out to me at aweaver@veteransemergencyrestoration.com