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Mold can be a scary word. The prospect of discovering mold in your home can elicit fear and stress, but it’s important not to panic. Mold is a common problem and it can be removed safely and effectively. 

Enlist the help of our experienced mold professionals to help you determine the cause of the mold growth and to remove the mold from your home. Call Veterans Restoration today for a free inspection and estimate.

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Understand What Mold Is & Why It's Growing In Your Home

Mold is a naturally growing plant-like organism that thrives in hot and humid areas. For example, mold is typically found in your basement, crawlspace, or bathrooms. Those places in your home that experience high humidity levels. It is also common after a water damage loss.

If you see spotting or staining in your home, it doesn’t always mean mold or black mold. There are 100,000+ different types of fungi and mold, many of which live and naturally thrive outdoors. The only way to know what exactly is in your home is to have it tested. This may consist of mold air sampling or mold swab tests, which can be done by a licensed Mold Inspector.

5 Steps

What to Do When You Discover Mold In Your Home

Step 1: Identify the Cause

Mold should not grow indoors, so when it does it’s usually because of a moisture source that is allowing the mold to grow. In order to effectively remove the mold and ensure it does not return, the moisture must be mitigated and the area thoroughly dried. 

Step 2: Contain the Area

Mold removal & remediation is a very delicate process that includes removing the mold from surfaces and the air. The impacted area should be placed within a containment area where negative air pressure can be applied, minimizing the risk of spreading mold spores to other areas within your property. 

Step 3: Remove the Mold

Mold can be removed from hard surfaces, but porous materials must be removed and disposed of. To remove airborne mold spores, an “air scrubber” equipped with a HEPA filter will be used throughout the removal process.

If you only have a small area of mold, please do not use bleach! It does not kill mold spores and will in fact make the situation worse. If in doubt, call in professionals. 

Step 4: Clearance Testing

Post-remediation, clearance testing can be performed to confirm that mold levels have returned to normal. 

Step 5: Repairs

Repairs may be necessary if building materials like drywall or insulation had to be removed during the mold removal & remediation process. 

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They were great. They showed up on time and Very professional. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who has had water damage.

- Bobby Green

Veterans Restoration was fantastic, they visited the house very quickly and remediated the mold/water damage issues promptly. They were very communicative and provided multiple updates throughout the process.

- Meghan Pachas

Excellent from the original visit to the removal process. Great job completed by very nice, courteous employees. The owner visited and kept abreast of the process. He did a personal visit after completion to verify that I was a satisfied customer. Highly recommend!

- Jo H.

My husband and I are so glad we use veterans restoration for our water damage! Very polite and caring crew! Would most definitely use again!

- Carolynn Shirley
These are honest, hardworking people who communicate well and get the job done efficiently. Also, super friendly. Nothing more you could ask for from a restoration company. Highly recommend.
- Jonathan M.

The employees were great! Always on time, very professional and took pride in everything they did. I am elderly and handicapped and these men did everything to help me and work around my husband's schedule. I didn’t feel like I had a strange company doing the work, I felt like they were my family helping me through a very difficult time. Everyone was so polite & trustworthy it just made every day a GOOD DAY. If that isn’t enough, my dog loved them!

- Libby Bond

I was referred to VA Restoration by a Friend of mine who also used them in an Emergency. When I called them and explained what happened to my home, they had a Crew here within hours. The Owner came to check on things a few times throughout the process and kept me informed every step of the process. The Crew at VA Restoration was all very polite and made sure to keep the other parts of my home clean as they went through the clean up process. Hopefully I will never have this happen again, but if so I would 100% use them again!!

- Keilly Tyson

My husband and I are redoing an entire house and found that the basement had mold everywhere. I contacted Veterans Restoration and the next day Zach had come out to look at it. We were scheduled to have them come the very next day to remove the mold. They were very quick and finished the job in a day, and they did excellent work! Very professional, responsive, and timely. Would definitely recommend them!

- Alena Mills